My name is Sandra Chadsey, HOM and I am a registered homeopath in Newmarket, just north of Toronto. I graduated from the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine and am an active Full Class member with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. My desire is to support and help individuals, young and old, who are active participants in their health, using homeopathic medicine and lifestyle coaching.

My approach to practice is to devote all my attention to each patient as they sit in my office, to ask questions, listen and take into consideration all they have to say. I consider the patient’s whole being (mind, body and spirit), as well as their environment, lifestyle and diet choices. I love how the practice of homeopathy views each individual and their situation as unique. Homeopathic medicines given are based on much more than acute sicknesses like a head cold or a chronic complaint such as recurring back pain, so my approach is to care passionately about all aspects of sickness and health, and to determine what medicine would best stimulate and support healing.

I was introduced to homeopathy a number of years ago when I was raising three young children. My health was very poor, and my children were constantly sick with fevers, ear infections and nightmares. My previous education and work experience has been in medical sciences, and I am quite confident in the important role that traditional medicine plays. Yet, for us, at that time, it had all been tried and failed. Finally, I meet with a homeopath, and over time I experienced healing from my pain, increased energy, the ability to sleep and renewed vitality and determination. My children responded incredibly to treatment as well, and they were soon symptom free and on the road to health and growth. For me, this was remarkable and my interest moved from nursing to homeopathy. I love helping the sick with gentle and non-invasive medicines; I love enriching others, because good health can change your life!

I continue to learn and stay current by attending courses and seminars and from constant studying in my reference library. There is also ample opportunity to learn from each patient who graces my door.

Your journey toward healing is possible. Let homeopathy be the safe and gentle medicine that restores you back to balance, naturally!